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„We replaced an "economy from above" with an "economy of the many." With new actors, different values, new perspectives and smarter solutions to problems. Let's get involved!”

Prof. Günter Faltin

Goals of the Entrepreneurship Foundation / Stiftung Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the creative and courageous activity of people, which forms the basis for the foundation of new companies. This requires special cultural conditions, role models and attitudes. The attitude of "doing something" and a greater openness to entrepreneurial initiatives must become more natural.

A "culture of entrepreneurship" therefore consciously includes people such as artists, outsiders or committed fellow human beings who previously saw no opportunities for action for themselves in the world of business, nor did they appear suitable as stimulators and actors. Such an understanding of entrepreneurship goes beyond prevailing traditions. The economic and cultural development of society is also dependent on entrepreneurial initiatives that do not just constantly tickle out new needs, but respond to existing problems with economic, social, but also artistic imagination: Entrepreneurship as an open matter inviting creative action.

Entrepreneurship offers the chance to work with unconventional ideas and points of view and, precisely in this way, to successfully participate in economic life and break up established structures. Such approaches rarely emerge in everyday business life. Creative action needs a creative environment, as is more typical for the activity of the artist.

The foundation was established in 2001 with a capital stock of DM 1 million by Professors Günter Faltin (80%) and Dietrich Winterhager (20%). As shareholders of Projektwerkstatt GmbH, they have also made all distributions from the company available to the Entrepreneurship Foundation since 2001. The foundation is active on its own initiative, with the intention of influencing the environment for entrepreneurship favorably. It has its headquarters in Berlin.

We can do economics better!


By Entrepreneurial Design, we don't mean business implementation. It is more. Required are: A feel for the needs of buyers, sensitivity to market developments, an eye for changes on the horizon.

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Get to know inspiring entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas from our environment.

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At the Entrepreneurship Campus, entrepreneurs from all over the world meet to work together on a fairer, more sustainable economic system.

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The Projektwerkstatt aims to practise an economy that places sustainability, fairness and quality in the spotlight, away from maximising profits and wasting resources.

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The Teekampagne (tea campaign) combines the direct sale of certified organic tea with ethical business practices by emphasising quality, fairness and sustainability.

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The Komponentenportal (component portal) provides a variety of professional modules that support founders in areas such as organisation, marketing and logistics in order to make their business more efficient and simplify work processes.

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