Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

01 June - 31 August 2024

Become part of a global entrepreneurship community and change the world with your ideas.


We understand Entrepreneurship as a global movement that needs every single creative mind in the world to make the existing economic system more intelligent, sustainable and fair.

What is the CEC and How does it work? 

The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition (CEC) aims to empower entrepreneurs – especially young ones – to work for a more peaceful and sustainable world. Participants are invited to submit their ideas and projects with social impact and to make a concrete commitment to one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to implement them. The 17 goals for sustainable development address the most important social, economic, environmental and health challenges of our time. The submissions are divided into two categories: idea and project. Entrepreneurs from 13 years old are invited to submit their idea or project to participate in the CEC.

The competition takes place in three phases. In the first phase, entrepreneurs submit their idea/project with a short pitch. If their idea/project meets the competition criteria, they are invited to complete the courses and work on their Entrepreneurial Design. For this purpose, we have developed a special Entrepreneurial Design Canvas (EDC). After completing the courses, participants can submit their completed EDC for phase 2. In this phase all ideas and projects will be published and the participants can vote and collect votes. The 10 submissions with the most votes will move on to the third phase, where an expert jury will select the winners. The winners will be announced at the CEC award ceremony, which takes place in an online ceremony.

Our Entrepreneurship Campus now has members from 141 nations. All participants are encouraged to discuss with each other – globally networked via the Internet – and to support each other with ideas. We have hosted the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition annually since 2014. 

Learn more about the history of the CEC and the Entrepreneurship Campus

Faith Muange – Kenya
1 / 5

„The entrepreneurship campus has opened my eyes to see the incredible work young leaders are doing across the globe and the amazing people supporting their ventures. The online courses give entrepreneurs a chance to learn, make adjustments and improve on their ideas and projects.”

Faith Muange – Kenya
Teona Dalakishvili – Georgia
1 / 5

„Unlike other contests, here you not only have a platform to submit ideas but to learn, enlarge your knowledge and meet new people, new ideas and even find partners through an international network.”

Teona Dalakishvili – Georgia
Elisa Konomi – Albania
1 / 5

„A new opportunity to share my project globally, interact, improve and discuss ideas with young entrepreneurs. The opportunity to offer a sustainable project to people in need and to promote alternative resources.”

Elisa Konomi – Albania
Olorunfemi Dayo – Nigeria
1 / 5

„The online-training program from Entrepreneurship Campus did not only expand my thoughts but empowered me to restructure my mission.”

Olorunfemi Dayo – Nigeria
Iman Hadi – Iran
1 / 5

„This campus keeps my heart warm noticing the fact that innovation is being considered in all levels, that different young idea-people from all nationalities and all mindsets, help each other to form a big living organism that creates value for humanity. That we believe in change.”

Iman Hadi – Iran

Procedure of CEC

To participate in the CEC, you must meet a few criteria. Check out what they are now!

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The judges

After the voting comes the jury! Check out which jurors decide on the final places of the CEC. 

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Do you have a question? Before you contact us, see if you can find an answer in the FAQs.

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The Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition will run from June 1st to August 31st 2024!

Participation in the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition and the use of all campus materials is completely for free. By registering on the Entrepreneurship Campus, you automatically agree to our Community Guidelines, so read them in advance.

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Take a look at our participants in the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 and get inspired!


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This program is an activity within the framework of UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development:
Towards achieving the SDGs (ESD for 2030).


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